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What is a Capsule Wardrobe? How to Create a Capsule Wardrobe?

Changes in our lifestyle have begun to transform consumption habits. The minimalist transformation in living spaces has also found its place in the fashion industry. The capsule wardrobe is also an important part of the minimalist transformation. Well, what is a capsule wardrobe that is both budget and time-friendly? How to prepare a capsule wardrobe? Here are the curiosities about the capsule wardrobe.

What is a Capsule Wardrobe?

The capsule wardrobe consists of basic clothes in harmonious colors, consisting of basic pieces that never go out of style. The capsule wardrobe, which is especially preferred by those who adopt a minimalist lifestyle, appeals to large masses today.

The capsule wardrobe was first used by Susie Faux in the 1970s. Consisting of timeless essentials, the capsule wardrobe combines essentials with seasonal items. Matching pieces are preferred in the capsule wardrobe, which includes basic items such as skirts, trousers and jackets. In the capsule wardrobe, where usability and minimalism come to the fore, the understanding of plain clothing comes to the fore.

Capsule wardrobe fashion, which includes basic clothes and seasonal clothes, has made it easy to combine. It is possible to dress without expending energy and to redefine all the rules of fashion by creating a capsule wardrobe with savior pieces.

Why Should You Prefer Capsule Wardrobe?

With the capsule wardrobe fashion, you can have few and concise pieces that are shaped in a certain style, compatible with each other. In this way, every day "What should I wear?" Instead of dealing with the question, you can create your combination in a shorter time by saving time. You can prepare simple and stylish combinations by choosing the clothes you will wear in a short time.

When you build your capsule wardrobe, you only renew the old items and buy needed items. Therefore, you will avoid unnecessary clothing expenses. Instead of constantly buying clothes throughout the year, you can only spend time and money on the items you need.

With the capsule wardrobe, you tend towards clothes in a certain style. In this way, you will reflect your style accurately and effectively.

How to Prepare a Capsule Wardrobe?

You can create your capsule wardrobe according to your own style, lifestyle and tastes. While creating your capsule wardrobe, you can act by shaping your style within a certain framework. By creating a capsule wardrobe list, you can separate the excess clothes that are not worn in the wardrobe and give them to the people in need or send them for recycling.

You can set seasonal periods when creating a capsule wardrobe. In the capsule wardrobe trend, you can usually start by identifying around 30 basic items for 6 months. In this process, you can choose colors for the capsule cabinet and bring together the pieces in compatible colors, so you can combine them easily.

By determining the main color in the capsule wardrobe, you can include pieces consisting of intermediate colors that are compatible with the main color. In the color preference, you can combine colors that are compatible with each other as well as contrasting colors. While shaping your capsule wardrobe, do not forget to add basic items and basic colors that you can combine comfortably.

Must-Have Pieces in a Capsule Wardrobe

Black Pants, Every Woman's Savior

Black trousers are among the must-have items in a woman's wardrobe. The black trousers you prefer should be basic trousers that are compatible with other pieces. Black trousers in the Schmart collection are among the must-have items in your capsule wardrobe. Black loose-legged trousers, which can be easily combined with their stylish and comfortable look, will be among the trendy pieces of your wardrobe.

Stylish and Comfortable Leggings

Tights are among the pieces that women often prefer in daily life. Tights, which offer both elegance and comfort at the same time, can be combined with many pieces such as crop tops and sweatshirts. The tights in the Schmart collection will be one of the most precious parts of your capsule wardrobe. You can easily use Schmart tights, which stand out with their comfort in daily use, in evening parties and events. You can choose Schmart pieces in different combinations on the same day.

Basic Parts

It is absolutely necessary to include basic items in the capsule wardrobe list. Basic T-shirts that you can combine with trousers, tights and skirts will be among your the pieces that save the day.