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The Secret of Causal Chic

To make a definition of casual chic would be against what it stands for. Because by its nature, casual chic lets you mix anything of any style as long as you make your look fashionable. While creating harmony by putting together pieces of different styles, you can still look amazingly chic. As a matter of fact, you don’t need to follow a line or a set of rules to look fashionable and feel good.

When you want to have a classic look, but it is way too extra to choose for that place you’re going to, you can always tone down your look with the help of this magical concept.  On the other hand, when you don’t want to go too edgy for an occasion with an all-classic look but still want to be elegantly chic, you can opt for this wonderful trend and create a look that is just what you’re aiming for.

What casual-chic aims is actually to reach a smart look without wearing formal pieces from head to toe. Mixing two different styles is the key to causal chic. When you mix informal pieces like jeans and sophisticated pieces like blazers is when you hit the right spot in the game of casual chicness.

The main goal we should keep in mind when we're trying to achieve a casual chic look is to look like we put almost no effort on how we look when we still look that stylish. As I've said before, when you're going for a casual-chic style, there's no set of rules for you to follow. Still, like in every style, some pieces go good with this style. Here are some examples for you to adapt to your casual-chic look.

4 Pieces to Get Casual Chic

Faux Leather Joggers

Joggers are amazing helpers when you try to create a casual-chic look. Because you can combine them easily with your bodies and high heels, they come in extremely handy in the casual-chic look. With Schmart’s faux leather joggers, you can create a look that gets everyone’s attention yet still seems like you haven’t spent any of your time to look this attractive.

Faux Leather Leggings

Just like joggers, faux leather leggings are lifesavers when it comes to this look. Just wear your leather leggings with your crop and you are one-third on the go!


Crops are amazing pieces that actually fit any scenario and any look. When you wear a nice crop on your, say, faux leather leggings, you spend literally no time to achieve that glam. With Schmart’s crop tops, you can be chic and have a basic look that will let you be the center of attention anywhere you go.


Blazers are the touch that brings finesse to your casual-chic look. Especially, over your crop or bodysuit and on your joggers or leggings, blazers are the final point to create that professional and formal look yet be basic and chic at the same time.