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Is There a Greener Future for the Fashion World?

You want to look good. We know. Fashion is everything when it comes to feeling like you live the best of your life. Still, there’s something that you should always keep in mind: our planet matters the most.

People and industries -some at least- are trying to move towards a greener future. To be honest, at this point, we must do this. Climate change has forced us to have a shift in the way we look at things. Our consumption habits are only one of these things. With billions of dollars spent on textiles each year, the fashion industry is one of the biggest power households that can become a game-changer.

We all know that the fashion industry has a lot of power to achieve many things with such big capital stock. But we should first take a look at what role the fashion industry can play in making a greener future possible. Let’s dive into the world of sustainable fashion, shall we?

What is Sustainable Fashion?

The way we consume clothing, shoes, accessories, and other textiles alter our environment dramatically. This is because the raw material for these textiles has a lot to do with natural resources. The use of natural resources ends up affecting the environment, albeit negatively. The more we consume natural resources for textiles, the less green our future becomes. Especially when there's a lack of recycling and an opting mechanism for non-renewable resources, this is inevitable.

Not surprisingly, sustainable fashion has become a very widely used phrase these days. The more important thing would be, of course, to put it to use. The fashion industry single-handedly creates four to ten percent of the global greenhouse emissions each year.

So, sustainable fashion means the efforts to take this figure down, in essence. These efforts may come to mean something if the clothing or any textiles we consume can be consumed for very long years, that is in a way that can be sustained.

When you support sustainable fashion, you support biodiversity, reducing CO2 emissions, reducing pollution, engaging in fair trade, and ensuring a fair wage for garment workers.

The variety of fashion brands make it a big deal to conduct a completely sustainable fashion, that is safe to say. Though it is very responsible to shop for items that have the 'sustainable' label on them, unfortunately, it is not enough alone to save our planet. The make a greener future possible, what we need to do is to re-shape our purchasing and consuming habits.