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How to Combine a Overalls in 6 Steps?

Overalls, which is one of the pieces that can find its place in every season, is one of the strongest garments in the fashion industry. Although it seems easy to combine, the overalls combination requires attention. How do you combine overalls that create different effects on different body types? How to wear overalls? The question may confuse you. Here are the curiosities about the overalls combination.

How Did the Overalls Appear?

Overalls first appeared in the Victorian Era in the late 19th century. Workers who worked in the use of steam engines began to use overalls that prevent dirt and dust so that the coal dust does not harm their bodies. Although overalls were known as cauldron clothes when they were first worn, they took the name overalls after the 1940s. The Overalls, which is carried to the wardrobes with the fashion industry, manages to take its place among the trendy pieces every season.

The Overalls, which is a very practical piece of clothing with its one-piece structure, is the first outfit that comes to mind when we speak of one-piece elegance. Although overalls are practical, you may have a question mark on how to combine them. Finding the one suitable for your body type among the overalls models will allow you to make a stylish and correct combination.

Choosing an Overalls According to Your Body Shape

When choosing an Overalls, you need to consider your body shape. The Overalls that is not suitable for your size can make you look different from what you are. If you have excess weight, you can choose dark overalls to hide these weights. You can choose wide-formed overalls to hide your weight.

It is also very important to choose the right Overalls according to your height. If you are tall, you can choose wide leg overalls. However, if you are a short person, you can include pleated overalls.

Black Basic Overalls, Trendy Every Period

With the black basic overalls, you can achieve elegance day and night. Always keep your eyes on you with black basic overalls that will make you stylish and comfortable at any time of the day. If you prefer a black basic Overalls at night, you can combine it with stylish stilettos. In daily use, you can catch a stylish and comfortable look with sports shoes.

Schmart promises to be stylish and iconic at every moment of the day with the most special pieces. While creating a comfortable and pleasant image during the day with the elegance of black overalls, you can switch to an assertive and iconic combination at night. Keep all eyes on you with the black overalls of the Schmart collection.

Solid Color Overalls, Patterned Boots

Plain colors are often preferred because they are risk-free and pleasant. You can combine plain colored overalls with patterned boots. However, with the help of a belt, you can achieve small but impressive touches on your overalls.

White Shirt and Blue Denim Overalls Combination

The white shirt and the blue denim overalls complement each other. You can easily see the perfect harmony of blue and white in other combinations. You can create a cool combination with a white shirt, blue jeans and high-heeled shoes.

Overalls Combination with Tone Drive Tone Style

In overalls combinations, you can choose fabric overalls as well as jean overalls. In Autumn and Winter, the fabric Overalls will make you look stylish and cool. You can complete your combination by switching to similar tones with the tone-on-tone style. You can create a different style with tone-on-tone combinations consisting of tones of a single color.

Shoe Selection in Overalls

If you prefer overalls, you may have difficulty choosing shoes. If the your Overalls is a sportive one, the shoe you choose can also be a sports shoe.

In Winter months or seasonal transitions, you can choose high-heeled shoes. In addition to heels, cowboy boots are among the shoes you can choose. If you are going to prefer a special invitation or event, you can choose high-heeled boots.