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Harmony of Colors: What is tone-on-tone Fashion?

The tone-on-tone trend, which is frequently preferred in the fashion world, is defined as combining the use of the same colors and tones. What is a ton-on-ton that finds its place in clothing, decoration and beauty, and how is it applied? If you are looking for answers to your questions, we have brought together the tricks of the ton-on-tone trend for you.

What is Tone-on-tone?

Tone-on-tone trend is to achieve a stylish look by using different tones of a color in harmony. In the tone-on-tone fashion, the tones of a single color are included. Today, when fashion exceeds the limits, the use of tone-on-tone emerges as a fashion trend that requires mastery in itself.

It is possible to obtain a harmonious and pleasant combination with different tones of a color not only in clothes, but also in every piece used such as shoes, bags, scarves, socks.

How To Make Ton-on-Tone Combination?

Tone-on-tone trend is to include different tones of the same color in combinations. It is applied as a whole in combination, such as tons of bags, belts, clothes and shoes. Otherwise, you can get a shabby look. The aim in tone-on-tone fashion is to achieve harmony with a single color. E.g; If you want to make a gray-weighted combination, you can use different tones of gray in your the pieces of your combination, and you can make a successful tone-on-tone application in your clothing.

Always Simple and Stylish with Tons of Drive

If you want to get a simple look, you can use pastel tones. You can achieve the simple and elegant look you want by using many compatible tones in your combination.

You can get a combination that progresses from light to dark in tone-on-tone fashion. For example, you can wear dark pink pants and choose a coral or carnation colored blouse.

Tone Drive Tone Effect on Patterned Clothes

In addition to the plain look with its tone-on-tone style, you can also choose it in patterned clothes. When choosing a patterned outfit, you need to make sure that the colors are in harmony with each other.

Tone-on-Tone Trend in Accessories

When combining tones-on-tones, it is necessary to pay attention to the tones of the accessories as well as the tones of the clothes. You should be careful not to use jewelry and accessories in incompatible tones with your clothes. Choosing your accessories in harmony with your clothes will take your combination one step further.

You should determine your coats and coats in accordance with the tone-on-tone fashion. If the coat you wear is a dark color, you can choose your dress in a light tone and get the tone-on-tone flow.

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