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2022 Fashion Trends

We can say that the fashion sense has been redesigned these days when we go out and socialize. The 2022-23 fashion season has evolved into a striking and colorful sense of fashion without sacrificing comfort.

Fashion trends for the 2022-23 season focus on versatility and recycling. Clothing adapted from day to night, quality fabrics and the comfort we are used to show themselves in the cuts. Emphasizing ease of use and social freedom, functional and practical styles come to the fore in the new season.

The 2022-23 season emphasizes socialization. The elegance needed after the pandemic shows itself in clothes from day to night. Day-to-day style is positioned at the center of the season with high quality fabrics.

It will be a season in which comfortable cut pieces that we have been accustomed to for a while will find their place. Flowing silhouettes, checked pieces, tweed jackets and pieces inspired by the past with different textures are the main story of the season.

In the new season, fashion-conscious, comfort-oriented pieces, flexible and personalized business casual clothing are at the heart of the rising trend.

Back to the Street

With the pandemic, the comfort we are used to has come to the fore like never before. After the days when we were closed to our homes due to the pandemic, the 2022-23 season emphasizes socializing and going out. Post-pandemic fashion trends emphasize elegance without keeping comfort in the background. It focuses on stylish and simple fashion in the season where evening dresses and daily lifestyles are redesigned.

In the new season, where we have started to socialize and come back to life, colorful pieces are at the forefront of fashion. Day-to-day style allows us to complete the day with a single piece instead of choosing different clothes for every occasion.

Versatility from Day to Night

The day-to-night style, reveals that the fashion sense has changed with the pandemic. This fashion sense, which reveals itself thoroughly with the 2022-23 season, focuses on being stylish at every moment of the day with a single outfit, instead of choosing different outfits for every environment. This season, ordinary pieces give way to luxury and premium pieces.

With the style adapted from day to night, it is possible to carry fashion versatility into daily life. Day-to-night style promises to go to the office with a single piece and to attend a dinner you are invited to in the evening. It is possible to do sports with a single piece that can be adapted from day to night, and to attend meetings and evening parties with the same piece. You can carry your style from day to evening with effortless elegance by giving priority to premium and luxury fabric qualities.

High-Energy Business Casual Style

Business casual, which is indispensable for office style, bears traces of comfort and elegance this season. Although natural and black tones constitute the main codes of the style, colorful clothes find their place in business casual style after the pandemic. Adding color to the office style and using vibrant colors in doses are among the details we will see frequently this season.

Back to Practical Silhouettes

This season, there is a return to practical silhouettes inspired by the 70s. The popularity of cotton, leather or suede pieces is used to highlight practical silhouettes. Short suits adapted to the daily wear style bring the practical and sportswear style to the fore. The mini skirts and mini shorts that stand out in the season reveal the charm of elegance.

High-Dose Comfort

Loose sweatshirts, croptops, leggings, biker tights and loose-fitting trousers are among the leading pieces of this season. Sweatshirts and sweatpants, which offer a nice look with the right combinations, will continue to be favorite pieces this season.

Satin Wind

Uncomplicated silhouettes and lively and shiny satin pieces are getting ready to add movement to the season. Satin pieces are at the center of the transition from suits to knitwear from day to night. Satin, which has expanded its border area for the last few seasons, accompanies us every moment of the day. In the pre-fall season, long dresses and shirts are among the details that bring the satin elegance to the fore.

Minimal Touches

Micro clothes are also the outstanding trends of the season. We see designers balancing minimalism this season. Combining the comfort we are used to with minimalism is one of the highlights of the season.

It is possible to see that minimal and low-cut cardigans add movement to the season. The use of bustier is one of the trends that will continue this season. Bustiers, which can be used in all seasons, reveal their flamboyant attitude in daily use, special days and invitations. Bustiers, which come with many different models, are getting ready to be one of the most used pieces of the season.

Tweed Time

In the new season, tweed fabrics continue to represent visibility and elegance. Tweed pieces that have been reinterpreted this season are more prominent in coats, jackets, skirts and trousers. Tweed jackets, which find a place for the pre-fall season, create an impressive harmony with loose skirts or fabric trousers.

Inspirational Plush

Plush, which finds its place in daily style and is very popular, has also managed to find its place in evening dresses and dresses. Flat and short pile plush pieces are eye-catching details for pre-fall collections. Focusing on a bold and versatile style, plush pieces highlight fashion from day to night. Plush pieces, which we will encounter frequently in the autumn season, will be among the important parts of our style.

Velvet Reflections

Velvet fashion is also present this season with its lively and bright texture. Velvets, which will re-enter the autumn season, take your elegance to the next level.

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